My doodle


My doodle turned to vector! :)

That is one of nicest thing what an adobe illustrator can be used for..
Saje doodle atas paper, then decide nak buat jadi vector.
Inspired by thousand of people out there which gave ther vector as a freebies.

Well.. mungkin this is nothing actually.
Saje je ni.. hehe.. Sebab hari tu rasa nak guna tapi xjumpa cari.
So.. why not i make one?
Xtau la ade manfaat bg org lain ke x.. huhuhu..

Link for download later k... :)

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ARMS said...


SyNabihah said...

Doodle time wacana PLM. shh.. jgn bgtau org len.. hehehe..

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